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Chronic pain is often associated with different medical conditions such as arthritis, osteoarthritis and fibromyalgia, however it can also be caused by a trauma or medical condition the patient has suffered in the past. Still, in some cases the actual cause for chronic pain is hard to identify or there seemingly aren't any factors causing it at all.

Doctors have a wide arsenal of treatments and procedures that are very effective in cases chronic pain, including acupuncture, pharmaceutical medications, biofeedback, yoga, psychotherapy and behavior adjustment. A number of herbal preparations have also been observed to be effective in relieving chronic pain.


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Chronic pain is a very common source of stress, and stress can increase the unpleasant sensations of chronic pain. That's why employing stress-reducing techniques and procedures can actually benefit those suffering from chronic pain. Moreover, such techniques not only help overcome the unpleasant experience of chronic pain but also improve well-being, help reduce anxiety and can sometimes relieve the pain in full. Here are some of the most common techniques used to overcome chronic pain that you can employ as an alternative to such medications as Tramadol:

1) Tai Chi

Tai chi represents a special type of Chinese martial art that is very gentle, free of typical fast moves and combining slow movement, special breathing techniques and meditation. This is believed to improve the flow of chi within a person's body, which when imbalanced leads to different symptoms such as chronic pain. A number of recent studies conducted with musculoskeletal chronic pain patients practicing tai chi have all come to the conclusion that this physical practice can relieve pain and reduce disability, being very helpful to those suffering from arthritis.

2) Meditation

In 2008, a study conducted with the participation of 27 adults suffering from chronic low back pain (moderate to severe cases) has shown that an eight-week course of guided meditation has contributed to an improvement in the quality of life in these patients. They have reported that their painful sensations have decreased, their sleep has improved as well as their well being. This practice has also been found to be helpful in reducing pain and stress effects of fibromyalgia.

3) Guided imagery

Guided imagery is a special relaxation technique that involves imagining oneself in a deeply peaceful state of being. This technique was observed to be quite beneficial for patients with chronic pain. A 2006 study of patients with fibromyalgia who had a six-week course of listening to guided imaginary recordings reported that this practice has helped them in pain management. Another study in the very same year had a 12-week course of guided imaginary that has significantly improved the condition of osteoarthritis patients taking part in it.

4) Yoga

Yoga is very popular amongst those who want to relieve stress and improve the overall state of their body. In a 2009 study, a number of people suffering with rheumatoid arthritis patients have taken a 10 week course of 75-minute yoga classes. As a result their ability to manage pain has increase and so did their overall well being.

Of course, this doesn't mean that you don't have to buy Tramadol in order to relieve pain. However, by employing one of these techniques you will be able to better control your chronic pain and your need in drugs like Tramadol hcl will probably decrease over some time.

Should we make time for meditation?

There is always a point where science collides with belief systems and sparks fly. Looking around the US right now, the continuing confrontation over the teaching of evolution is a classic example.

At a slightly lower level of intensity is the continuing conflict between the "hard science" doctors and those who are persuaded that there are alternative approaches to treatment with equally good outcomes. Take acupuncture as an example. This comes out of nearly two thousand years of medical experience in China. Even though some of the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) methods have been displaced in favor of Western methods, the healthcare service in many Asian and ASEAN countries continues to rely on acupuncture as an effective treatment for a range of different problems.

Putting TCM to one side, there are also major claims made for different forms of meditation. Some are explicitly rooted in religions. Others are directly adapted to the management of pain. Unfortunately, the Enlightenment and the adoption of the scientific method by Western doctors leads them to a quick dismissal of everything not backed up by their science. Even when shown perfectly respectable research proving some of the claims for "unscientific" methods, they still refuse to even consider them. Their prejudices are deep-seated.

In the case of meditation, there is a growing body of Western-based research using the scientific method which shows excellent outcomes when people suffering from chronic pain are taught how to meditate. In essence, the point is to change the attitude of people towards their pain. Put another way: the level of intensity of the pain stays the same but the people change their emotional reaction to it.

At some level, this represents a form of intellectual distraction. People are trained how to disconnect themselves from the pain and to search for ways to live their lives without worrying about it. Too often, people allow the pain to dominate their every waking moments. They fear the pain will always be there and this becomes a self-fulfilling prophesy that blights their lives. Avoiding this fear and focussing instead on positive ways to cope with the reality of the pain allows people to rebuild their daily lives and to function more effectively.

There is an old saying: give a starving man a fish and he eats well that night, but teach him how to fish and he can eat well every night. Teaching people how to meditate is the latter. It gives them a path to follow for the rest of their lives. For some there is a problem. It's not a quick fix. rather it relies on them to invest time and effort into solving their own problems.

At first, there may be a place for painkillers and tramadol is probably the best for relieving moderate to severe pain. But as people begin to feel the benefit flowing from this new discipline for the mind, the need for drugs will diminish. The ideal is to live without the help of any drug. If your private health insurance includes meditation for pain management, get an early appointment. If you have some savings, it is a good investment. Otherwise, buy tramadol. It will give you relief while the healthcare service catches up with the best research.

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